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Battery Selection :-
Battery will decide amount of energy it stores for future use. So if you want to run your electrical equipment during main power cuts, then you need to decide on battery size. Simple way to do it is as follows Total watts / (10.5 x No. Batteries) / ( .8 ) power factor = battery size required for one hour backup 550 watts / 10.5x1 / .8 = 65AH for One hour so if you want three hours backup then 65 x 3 = 190AH battery

Naturals Energy
The Sun’s energy is free, and the supply is abundant. All we need to do is find a way to use it. In one minute, the sun provides enough energy to supply the world’s energy needs for one year and in one day, it provides more energy than the world’s population could consume in 27 years. So, use Solar Water Heater to utilize free natural Sun power.

Welcome to Naturals Energy solar, we provide world’s best solar water heater

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    Available Models:
    Model Mars+ Eris+ Neptune+ Saturn+ Uranus+
    Capacity in liters 100 LPD 150 LPD 200 LPD 250 LPD 300 LPD
    Ideal for 3 4 6 7 8
    Diameter of the Tube 58 58 58 58 58
    Length of the Tube 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800;
    Tubes Quantity 10 15 20 24 28
    Total Weight 45 68 105 128 145

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    PCU Type Bidirectional
    Charge Type MPPT
    Battery Voltage 24V for 1 Kw to 3Kw
    96V for 4Kw to7.5Kw
    Battery Type Tubular Lead acid
    Input from PV Array 40 – 88 V for 1Kw to 3Kw
    80 -176 V for 4Kw to 7.5Kw
    Output Voltage 230V± 1%
    Output Frequency 50Hz ± 0.5Hz (stand alone mode)
    Efficiency Peak efficiency >90%
    THD Sine wave output with 3% THD
    Regulation ±2%
    Overload Features 150% for 1 min & 125% for for 4 min capable of feeding full load
    Control Microprocessor based controllers
    Operation To work in stand alone & Grid interactive mode
    Cooling Forced air cooling
    Max. ambient temp 0 to 45° C at rated load(-10°C to 45°C optional)
    Relative humidity 95% maximum
    Cable entry From rear, 200mm above ground level
    Finish RAL 7021
    Degree of protection IP 21
    Protections Input surge voltage         short circuit
    Over current                       Over Temperature
    Load Surge current           Input under voltage
    Battery low trip                 Input/output isolation
    Low / High frequency
    Under/over output voltage
    Indications Inverter ON           Grid ON
    Array ON                 Fault

    200 Wp Solar PV Module Technical Specification
    Solar Module 200Wp
    Maximam Power Rating Pmax (Wp) 200Wp
    Rated Current Impp (A) 5.5
    Rated Voltage Vmpp (v) 36.5
    Short Circuit Current I (A) 5.88
    Open circuit voltage VOC (V) 43.98
    Cell Efficiency 17.30%
    Module Efficiency 14.45%
    Tolerance ± 5 %
    Module Outer Dimension 1680 X 800 X 35 mm
    Weight in Kg 15.60
    Cell Specifications 125 mm Psq Polycrystalline Cells
    Warranty – Limited peak Power 1 To 10 years 90% ,11 To 20 Years 80%
    Warranty 25 Years
    Number of cells 80
    Diode Bye-Pass diode ( for every 24 cells)
    Thermal Parameters
    NOCT (®C) 45±2
    Temp.Coefficient short- circuit currant(A) + 0.065% / ®C
    Temp. Coefficient open- circuit Voltage (V) -2.22mv /®C/cell
    Wp (Watt peak) Peak Power
    Air mass AM- 1.5
    Irradiance E-1000W/m
    Cell Temperature Tc 25®C
    Normal operating cell Temperature at  
    Irradiance E=1000W/m2
    Cell Temperature Tc 20®C
    Wind speed Vw 1m/s
    Module Size  
    IEC 61215 Certificate  

    Battery Bank
    Type Tubular acid Battery
    Rating C-10
    Nominal Voltage 12V
    Capacity 100AH x 4 No’s = 400 AH, 150AH x 14 No’s =2100 AH.
    Model 6LMS 100L, 6LMS 150L.
    Material of Container & Lid PPCP
    Without Acid (Kg)
    With Acid
    30 Kg, 45Kg
    57 Kg, 70 Kg
    Length x Width x Height 500 x 187 x 418, 500 x 187 x 450
    Depth of Discharge 80% - 1500 cycles
    50% - 3000 cycles
    20% - 5000 cycles
    Warranty 5 Years Warranty

    SPV ChargeController MPPT Charge Controller
      Electronics protection for short circuit, over load, Over Temperature,Reverse polarity

    Auto reseting electronics over current protection

    Over Voltage protection

    Short Circuit protection

    Efficiency : 85%

    Maximum voltage 31 Voltage

    Maximum Voltage 24 Voltage

    Return Current Protection

    Structure for Module
    Type Bolt And Nut Type Easy Assembling
    Material Mailed Steel
    Using Material Round Pipe & L angle
    Round Pipe Size 60 mm
    L Angle Size 35 x 5 mm
    Painting Epoxy Painting
      32x32mm L angle frame suitable For
      mounting the modules pipe with necessary
      Supports to hold the Structure
    Dimension 3600mm x 1350mm
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