Solar Water Heater

We offer a wide range of Solar Water Heater which is suitable for all kinds of hot water applications. Solar water heaters are manufactured using premium quality raw material and are available in the markets at competitive prices. Our range of product known all across the world for its easy operation and high efficiency.

Hot Water Heater Technology

The major technical break through for Natural's is the use of a sealed jacket around the storage cylinder. This allows the closed cicuit fluid to flow the solor collector panels around the outside the storage cylinder and transfer its heat into the water stored in the cylinder. The result hotwater free from the sun ready and waiting for your use.

High Density Insulation

The cylinder is insulated its durable aluminium case by pressure injected, high density, enviromentally safe polyurethane foam which is CFC FREE. The result, your water stays hotter longer.

Solar Water Heater Product Range:

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